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Some background information:

I was asked by one of my previous teacher Gao Yan to be teaching assistant in this summer program – International Summer Program in Computational Design,  - organised by HKU, Faculty of Architecture. It is a two-week intensive workshop that is led by HKU professors and  invited practitioners with expertise in practice of cutting edge digital techniques. It will be split into two parts, the first week will have basic training on computational tools with the aim to produce a product. The second week will be advanced computational technique using either GH (.net), RhinoScript or DP.

During the course of the workshop, I will be updating this blog on a daily basis, reporting the news from within the course venue. It is an honor that my site was chosen to house this blog.  The official website is here.

Coming Up

The workshop will start on Monday morning at 9:30 with a opening speech given by our course director Gao Yan. The participants will then choose between two studios that have a slightly different focus and brief. They will be sticking together in teams of 2 or 3 and commit to that studio for the first week. They can regroup or choose another studio in the second week

There will be four types of program:

  • Design Studio – The heart of the course, two parallel studios with different means but the same design goal.
  • Technical Workshop – Teaching digital tools and prototyping methods. (Split according to design studio)
  • Seminar – Main focus on latest technology and innovations around the world.
  • Lecture – Teachers and invited guest speakers will share their work using computational design.
We will have some basic materials provided, ready for testing and creating a mess. They are mostly sheet material because we will be relying on the laser cutters. I’m getting excited to assemble something.
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