Parametric Design for Architectural Students

I’m trying to put together a lecture for architectural students in SZU as an introduction to parametric design. Most of the audience are students that has little exposure to parametric design tools thus the focus would be to raise their interest in this design method by demonstrating the benefit of employing such tools in their design projects in school and potentially at work.

This lecture introduce parametric design methods and philosophy to architectural students. It aims to cover an overview on the current practise of using parametric tools in school and in the industry and explains its benefits when applied to students’ project in various design stage. Architectural design that made use of parametric modelling or parametric process can benefit from immediate analytical feedback and dramatically speeds up design change. This leads to a more comprehensive design study to making better informed decisions. Parametric tools also allows many processes to be automated and thus reducing time on labour intensive tasks. Topics surrounds:

  • Parametric modelling coping with design change
  • Automating repetitive task
  • Design analysis and immediate feedback
  • Building performance optimization
  • Rapid prototyping

I think it would be more appropriate for me to speak from a students point of view regarding my experience.