Rotating shelf locked by gravity defies traditional joinery

This functional shelf designed by Hong Kong based CNC programmer Victor Leung and architectural designer Mandy Lee to be easily fabricated, transported and installed for a single day community event.



Rendering by Mandy Lee


Video of the event JupYeah2013 showing the shelf and other installation/furnitures


Fabrication by flat-bed computer-controlled router, a machine optimized for the fabrication of plywood components, creates the cuts from digital profiles efficiently and precisely.

CNC Mahcine from Art Lab cutting the leaning piece.


Half way into the wood, creating the hidden pocket under the horizontal board


This shelf is flat-packed for delivery to this venue and can be handily stored for the next use. The only material used is pine plywood, which are sustainable via managed forest. Cutting waste are minimized by carefully proportioning the shelf and efficient layout.

Installation of the shelf is an quick and easy task

The shelving system achieves high material efficiency by placing materials only where it is needed. On site adjustment and other configurations (such as non-helical) are possible by altering the assembly logic or by changing the leaning plate. The vertical panels supporting the weight of the shelf are self locked by gravity due to the 20 degrees lean. Installation without the need for screws or bolts saves enormous amount of energy, cost and time.

Two rotating shelves completed in gallery – The Space (Hong Kong)
Table in middle by Jason Carlow

Horizontal board rotates as it stacks up, creating a helix for item display facing many directions. Such configuration allows people at different distance to see different items on display, which makes traditional shelves look boring.


Tall side of the shelf up to 2.4 meters


Joint Detail
Joint Detail


Title: Rotating Shelf

Designers: Victor Leung, Mandy Lee