My publishing channels

I think it is a good idea to organize some thoughts about how I’m publishing my works. After all these years, it has always been done in a quite unorganized manner.

Scribd – pdf

I have been publishing my architecture school portfolio on Scribd and is receiving some number of subscription. I like the Scribd community because it has an agenda of sharing and learning between the community.

This will be the most formal channel that my works will be presented as if they were papers, magazine or a book. It is then easy to direct people to the Scribd site, where they can choose to have a quick view or download the orginal pdf. Despite I must say that their site is still lacking some good admin feature. ( I find it impossible to arrange my posts in order) Documents uploaded to Scribd will usually be re-posed on this website and Facebook.

Dreamation Workshop Website – Blog Post

This site we are in is the default location where all my works are shown in a semi-formal manner. I would like to keep this site as a speaking ground that captures my thoughts. Short and long posts will occur, but all tries to include images for immediate visual excitement.

I manage this website front end and back end on a rented server, luckily there is a lot of web blog application out there that is open source, which is very different from the old days where maintaining a website is itself a full time job. However, I can only afford a very small storage space, so images will be small and large files (if there will be any) be uploaded somewhere else.  I have disabled comments for all because of spam problem, reviewing mostly spam comments are backbreaking. I would rather have discussion on GH forum or facebook. I have struggled with this matter for a while, because I think it is very crucial for me to receive as much feedback as possible and best if it is directly on my site.

Grasshopper Website – GH related Blog Post

I have been quite active these days on Grasshopper’s official forum, posting my GH scripting works and sometimes sharing definitions. Post are organized as per topic, discussed when people find it interesting. I found the community very diverse (which is nice) and most are active in dicsussions. It is definitely a nice place to make some noice and attract attention. Images are still prefered in these posts, and is particularly easy because the Bing server they used did not pose a strict file size limitation. (I always wonder how they manage their finance, probably from McNeel)

Facebook – Personal Updates

Still, the most informal way is the most convinent. Not only my own works, but I love to post relavent topics by others on facebook to share alike. It seems to me that Facebook is the place where the least responsibility is needed. Definitely a quick place to throw out ideas. The only drawback is the audience being limited to the people that have added me, and that is much smaller than the community in GH forum. (Even so, I would not dare to open my profile or wall to the public. )

I treat Facebook as a sharing ground with my closer friends, not as a formal publishing channel. I post completely unrelated stuff on Facebook but also some quick updates on my work.