[WIP] Museum in Tubes

This is a work in progress about a museum in Hong Kong. Which respond to the problem that Hong Kong people have a rather low motivation to go to museums. The images below shows a scheme that adds a highway to the site, right in the middle, and wrap spaces around the highway. Instead of hoping people to come to the museum, the idea is to being the museum to the people. The highway is a tool to allow the people riding in buses, minibuses and taxis to experience the museum in a few seconds like a movie trailer.

This tubular gallery system creates a linear gallery space that is tubular but variable in diameter, from a 5m wide tube to 15m wide. The other type of spaces exist between the tubes in the left over space where larger exhibits could be located.

My review yesterday pointed me to a new direction of adding pedestrian bridges instead of  highway, the critics concerned about the rather short duration of passing by wont make enough contact between the passengers and the exhibits. I’m planning to look at how I could design the gallery systems so that they would wrap around a pedestrian tube network.